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Want to promote your business?  Become a Sponsor and let us promote you at future events, on our newsletter, connect you with bloggers and Instagramers who have access to your target market, and more.

Everything from helping find the right bloggers for your event, getting sample products to bloggers, sponsored blog post, sponsored social media shares, blogger reviews, YouTuber promotions, and so much more.

What Makes Our Organization of Bloggers and Influencers Different?

We are a members only group.  This means our bloggers are carefully selected.  Our events are not publicly posted online so that anyone with or without a blog may attend.  We screen each and every member to make sure they use clear and bright quality images, have an easy to navigate website, and update regularly.  You won’t be the only post on their neglected blog!  We also don’t accept bloggers hosted on platforms like WIX.  Since it’s no longer indexed by Google search, it won’t help with your marketing and does a disservice to the bloggers hosted on it.  With our regular blogger events, our bloggers are updated on the latest SEO practices.  We give resources to all of our members to make sure they are growing their blogs and influence.

We are currently looking for sponsors for our upcoming events.  If you are interested in being a sponsor please get in touch with  You will have access to some of the most influential and up and coming Miami bloggers and social media influencer for beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle.  

Want your brand and company featured?

See how we can promote you and your brand:  Behind The Brand  – our Behind The Brand feature is promoted on our MBM blog, social media, The Business Darling blog, and TBD social media.  You’ll get your brand seen!  Plus it’s easy.  🙂


If you’re looking for FREE publicity we recommend hosting one of our next blogger brunches or events, sending samples or goodie bags for events, or mailing out products to encourage product reviews by our influencers.  Also check out our BEHIND THE BRAND feature.

Some examples:

Have bloggers come out to your restaurant to share enticing images of your food on Instagram and raving reviews on their local based blogs.

Introduce your product at a blogger/influencer brunch.  You’ll get to talk about all the benefits and share the backstory of your company.  Give out samples and watch real reviews and social media mentions roll in.

Our paid services include: connecting you to the right influencer for your campaign and budget.  Advertising your brand to our bloggers via our newsletter,  social media, etc.  Have a specific type of blogger/budget in mind?  Let us know what you’re looking for and we can help connect you to the right influencer.  Please see our Rates here.

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