Getting Started With YouTube Event Recap

Today was such an awesome and intimate event.  Our topic was Getting Started With YouTube.  We were so lucky to have such wonderful members and speakers attend.  Big thanks to everyone who came out.

Getting Started With YouTube Miami Event Our Speakers + Topics

Getting Started With YouTube

Victoria Nicole on Lighting and Set Up

Belen Kleinow on How To Find Your Voice

Courtney Val on Dealing With Haters, Creating a content calendar and Organizing Content

Anela & Mike on Editing, SEO, and Increasing Subscribers

Getting Started With YouTube Miami Event Getting Started With YouTube Miami EventGetting Started With YouTube Miami Event

Some great YouTube tips we learned from our amazing speakers:

  • YouTube rewards you not only if viewers stay until the end of your video, but if they continue on their experience watching YouTube videos.  So be sure to suggest the next video your audience should stay on YouTube to watch.  Better yet, make it another one of yours!
  • Paid analytics such as VidIQ and free extensions like TubeBuddy are totally worth it to track exact moments viewers click off a video and help you change it up, reupload it and increase viewing time.  Use the Keyword tool, viewing behavior, audience retention (40% and up is awesome), and all sorts of metrics for authority.  Plus so many more features that can totally change your YouTube presence.
  • Key Tip: in product review videos (and beauty/makeup) people will skip ahead until they see a product in your hand.  So don’t talk too much before you show the product.
  • Use the Preview – Proof  – Preview method.  Immediately state the video will talk about, show you how to accomplish, teach you, etc. State very quickly why you are qualified to help.  Then get to the content.
  • Always use a mix of long tail keywords as well as high traffic keywords.  Use tools to find the best Keywords.
  • Look at trending videos and use their title in your video title if on the same topic.
  • Create a content calendar to maintain subscriber interest
  • Organize videos into by topic playlists.  This encourages viewers to stay on your channel.
  • Always make custom thumbnails for your videos.  Canva + PicMonkey are great resources
  • Use “Calls to Action”, the work!  Ask for a thumbs up and for viewers to subscribe.
  • COLLABORATE with others with a similar audience 😀
  • Don’t take haters personally
  • There are bots that will unlike videos in competition with keywords they are trying to promote.  Don’t take them too personally.
  • Start BEFORE you’re ready!  People love to watch you grow
  • Find your voice, by speaking about what you’re most comfortable with
  • Support others
  • Always remember you can teach someone something at no matter how advanced you are at what you do.
  • While equipment is important you can get what you need for a few hundred bucks on Amazon to start out.  If you cannot afford lights yet, 8am-2pm has the best natural light.

Thank you again to our speakers and members for making this event so much fun.  We all learned so much at our Getting Started With YouTube event and are feeling empowered to get out there and start and grow our channels.  Looking forward to our next one.  Leave a comment if you have any ideas on topics for future events.

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